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Sadaharitha Plantations

Sadaharitha Plantations Ltd, is an organization combining environment friendliness with lucrative forestry investment opportunities both long and short term for those who wish to secure future financial stability for themselves and their loved ones. With over 14 years of experience and expertise backed by professionalism in the Commercial Forestry Industry, Sadaharitha ensures plantation management and maintenance of over 1350 acreage to absolute perfection. Partnership with one of the a world giants in the commercial forestry products for the sale of future harvest ensures Sadaharitha’s long term sustainability & stability whist warranting the ability to meet its promise to the clientele. Integration into irrigation and water management together with diversifying into export of fruits, vegetables and tea undoubtedly build a tower of strength to hold the Sadaharitha Group unshaken. Sadaharitha is the exclusive patent holder for the Technology called ‘CAkit’ in Sri Lanka which is used to artificially form ‘Agarwood’ in the Aquilaria trees, whereas ‘Agarwood’ is renown to be the most expensive wood and ‘Agarwood oil’ is used as a raw material to produce expensive perfumes. By maintaining healthy ‘Agarwood’ Plantations and the largest ‘Agarwood’ nursery in South Asia, Sadaharitha is widely contributing to the Forestry industry in the world to meet the immense future demand for Agarwood.

Why Invest in forestry?

Rate of Return on Investment as at 05/10/2015

With the world's population and their living conditions on the rise, there' s an ever-increasing demand for the timber based products. Be it for building massive constructions or for manufacturing that tiny match you use everyday, this demand has far exceeded the tolerable levels of natural forests. If this demand exerts its cumulative pressure on the world's natural forests, what would be the consequences? Even imagining the nemesis would be rather horrible for all the living beings. Think of a world where you struggle to breathe with little oxygen in air. As the most intelligent living beings on the earth are we just going to gloss over this great damage done to our environment? Or are we going to relieve the pressure on these natural forests and contibute to their conservation in every possible way? Yes, you can.

You can contribute to the forest conservation while having a diversified investment portfolio that brings you a great amount of ROI too. We at, Sadaharitha provide such investment opporutnities for you. Curently our main forestry projects deal with Agrawood, Teak, Sandalwood & Mahogany.

Other than the financial gains, there are various other environmental benefits because of these kinds of forestry projects. They include the reduction of pressure on natural forests, providing a sink for greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide and prevention of soil erosion,etc.

Sadaharitha at a Glance

  • Incorported in the year 2002 in an era in which Commercial Forestry was not heard much and never considered as an investment opportunity in Srilanka.

  • Has reached market leadership with over 90% market share in the Commercial Forestry industry of Srilanka.

  • 100% Srilankan entity with a mission of enhancing quality of life through secured and sustainable green investment opportunities whilst safeguarding the environment.

  • ISO certified company reaching the pinnacle of National Green Awards by Central Environment Authority of Srilanka having won the gold award in 2012.

  • Incomparable 14 years of experience and expertise in the commercial forestry industry of Srilanka.

  • Manages and Maintains over 1350 acres of Rambutan, Mahogani, Teak, Sandalwood and Aquilaria plantations and the tree count is well over 390,000 as at end 2015.

  • Over 400 sales staff backed by well experience sales management team attached to a well spread branch net work serving over rapidly increasing customer base of 23,000

  • The only company in Srilanka to have signed a forward sales agreement for it’s future harvest with Wescorp Australia the world’s giant in sandalwood in terms of supply to the world market which is also concentrating on Agarwood at present having realized the true potential.

  • Exclusive Patent license holder in Srilanka for CAkit technology which is proven and patented in the USA. Which is the technology which guarantees agarwood formation in Aquilaria trees.

  • Joined hands with National research council (NRC) the research arm of Srilankan government for the purpose of research and development of such species.

  • Has diversified itself into the export of fruits, vegetables and tea and also irrigation and water management as backward integration in addition to its core business of Commercial forestry.