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Sadaharitha Agarwood: the biggest leap of Sadaharitha Plantation Management History...

After years of Sandalwood plantation management, Sadaharitha proudly announces the start of planting the wood of Gods, "Agarwood" which produces the most renowned fragrance oil in the market. The tree species used to produce Agarwood is known as Aquilaria. This highly valuable compound is produced inside the Aquilaria trees as a result of the defence mechanism inherited to this species to control the intruder microorganisms entering into the stems. Agarwood has been used for fragrance purposes from the ancient past especially in the Middle East Region and South Asian Region. Now a new market is being created in Europe and United Estates as the Agarwood Oil is used as an ingredient of high quality perfume manufacturing.

Since Agarwood does not naturally form inside the Aquilaria trees, it has to be artificially done. The best method to enhance the Agarwood production inside Aquilaria is to use the method called CAKit which is a patented product in the University of Minnesota of the United States. Prof. Robert Blanchette and Mr. Henry Van Beek were the co-inventors of this product patented after the research of years and years in Vietnam. In the latter part of 2012, Sadaharitha became the sole license holder of CAKit for Sri Lanka.

Speaking about the new product, the Chairman of Sadaharitha Group of Companies, Mr. Sathis Nawarathne said that "unlike teak and sandalwood, we have a different approach in this product. Rather than planting in our own lands and allowing our clients to invest on the trees and lands, we have decided to provide the opportunity for them to plant this species in their own lands. We are ready to provide the seedlings, technical advices and CAKits. In addition, we will legally agree to buy the trees after 8 years." Mr. Nawarathne further added that, "Sadaharitha, as a plantation management company, always explore the avenues to earn income in line with the "Green-Economy Concept" of the present Government and I am sure that we will be blessed by the policy makers of the country."

"We have introduced this species after researches, surveys and market explorations in the Asia and Middle East and we are very confident about the expected outcome" said the Chief Executive Director, Mr. H.K. Rohana. Adding further he said that "it took over three years for us to prepare our business model and the plantation structures. We did our studies in Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. It was not a waste of time, in fact, it was the time taken to gather all information required for establishment and management of Aquilaria plants in the country."

In order to look after the Aquilaria plantations established in the country, Sadaharitha newly established the "Medicinal and Aromatic Division" and the "Research Division". These two Divisions work very closely with each other to identify the best suited methods for planting, maintaining and product manufacturing of Agarwood.

"We decided to plant Aquilaria crassna, known as the Cambodian Agarwood in the market" said Dr. Upul Subasinghe, the Forestry Consultant of the Company. He further said that "Cambodian Agarwood has a high demand in the market than the other Agarwood types. The researches conducted in last three years in Sri Lanka and also with the Autralian research collaboraters have proven that Aquilaria crassna grows very well in low elevation areas where a good annual rainfall is available."

Sadaharitha already branded this product as a "Sadaharitha Agarwood" and due to the experience gathered in forest plantation management over ten years, certainly the company will be able to obtain a significant amount of foreign income to the country.

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